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Come along with me on My journey to bring health and happiness home.

Home is where we are needed. It’s time I take back the time and skills I need to nurture my family! Join the family and learn how to preserve, cook, and bake from scratch, the basics of holistic wellness, parenting, being a humble and faithful servant of Jesus, and happiness.

love, grace, and Happiness

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Photo by Sarah Chai on Pexels.com
Stunning Sourdough Starter Eden

Stunning Sourdough Starter

This stunning sourdough starter’s name is Eden. She is the most resilient, diligent, consistent, and stunning sourdough starter I have seen on the market. You can find her on Sourdough Sparrow’s website. How does the sourdough bread turn out? When I purchased my dehydrated starter it came with lots of information and a plain loaf…