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10 Reasons to Homeschool Today!

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1. Flexibility

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The flexibility you get with being able to homeschool is undeniably one of the most freeing experiences. I can start the day as I want and fit in what we are learning how I want and where I want. My children feel so much less rushed every day. They’re overall happier.

2. Teaching How the Child Learns

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It’s a beautiful moment when you figure out how your kids learn the best. Two of mine are very hands-on learners and struggle with bookwork, however, my other one excels at bookwork rather than hands-on. With homeschooling, I can cater to their individual needs instead of making them learn in one distinct way. It gives them opportunities to put their best effort into their work instead of feeling like they are failing since they don’t fit into the social norms.

I highly suggest this PDF from Missouri State University explaining the three different learning styles. 

3. More Hands-On Experiences

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As I stated above two of my learners are hands-on and can complete double the assignments in an hour than if I were to insist that they do any form of bookwork. This also gives them ample opportunity to fine-tune exactly how they learn so they can decide later on what type of job would best suit them.

4. Out of “classroom” Classes

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I attended public school when I was growing up and hated being stuck in a classroom between 6-8 hours a day. It was best when we could go on field trips and I learned better that way. The ability is there when you homeschool. I plan many field trips or virtual field trips to get us out of the house and into the world the learning that can be done is endless. 

See my list of Top Homeschool Field Trips HERE.

5. Developing Good Habits

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When choosing to homeschool a foundation for forming good habits is created for yourself and your children. Homeschooling teaches kids to be self-starters, organized, independent, and responsible. Later in life, these habits will become some of the most important and respectable notions about them.

6. 1-ON-1 Approach

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Giving them the benefits of a one-on-one approach will set them up for success. It will build their confidence and make them see how rewarding it is to learn and maintain their assignments.

7. No Standardized Testing

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When children go to public school they are required to take standardized testing which can result in test anxiety, feeling like they are not smart, and giving the perspective of hard work gets you nowhere. In reality, this testing is only for the government to see how well each student is doing to see what the general terms should be for which grade, and to make sure the school is teaching what they require. They do not tell the students that they have them go through days of testing only to be judged harshly by peers if they don’t meet the “standard.” In reality, everyone learns at their own pace and in their way.

8. Having Real World Experiences

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Letting your child homeschool can let them see and face real-world experiences. They can get out and see how grocery shopping works, banking, budgeting, paying bills, fixing cars, raising kids, the list is endless. They don’t teach these things in school. Many schools took home economics out and have no intention of putting it back in. Once these kids get out of school they have no idea how to use the NEEDED skills to get good credit, budget, pay bills, save, and change a flat tire. I will be teaching that to my homeschoolers.

9. Going at the Childs Pace

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When you homeschool you can go at the child’s learning pace. In my home, we do not require any form of curriculum until age 7 and we follow the minimum hours of school required for each grade. This allows our children to focus on what materials we give them without feeling overwhelmed. If they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work assigned to them, we back off and reduce it until they are comfortable and add what we need to back in as needed.

10. A Vast Range of Curriculum

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There is a large market for curricula and no right or wrong answer exists. Simply put, do what works for your family that follows your state guidelines. We are in Michigan and have very relaxed homeschool laws. I look for more faith-based, Hands-on, and colorful since I have a range of kids from Pre-K to 1st.

See my top 6 curriculum recommendations HERE. 

Those are my 10 reasons to homeschool today, If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

If you’d like more information on homeschooling check out this amazing book by Rebecca Rupp “Home Learning Year by Year”

Check out my List of Homeschool Essentials HERE

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