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11 Essentials for Homeschooling!

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11 Essentials for Homeschooling! 

  1. Rolling Cart – I use these rolling carts all the time for all of my curricula and daily essentials.

2. Bookshelf – I love this bookshelf because it’s perfect for small spaces and has tons of storage.

3. Calendar – I love that this one has the months and the weather added to it.

4. Pattern Blocks – We use these to learn shapes, colors, matching, and patterns. They are versatile and fun to use.

5. Magnet Tiles – These Magnetic tiles are a lifesaver. We use them for sorting, stacking, building, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, counting, and so much more. Just be warned the kids will want to take them everywhere!

6. Number Cubes – They are versatile using them for counting, math, colors, building, and matching. We use these daily. They also have a TV show that goes along with them (purchased separately).

7. Liberty Kids DVDs – It has been my experience that no matter the age range kids love these and I feel that no matter how old the kiddo is they can take something away from the Liberty Kids shows. This is such a great program and family unit! 

8. The Magic School Bus DVD Set – Ms. Frizzle will take the kids through a wondrous ride on “The Magic School Bus.” This is one of my other favorites to do as a family unit! If you are looking for a curriculum for the books check out “Ms. Frizzle’s Elementary Science Curriculum (PreK-6th Grade)” HERE!

***If you need the books you can order them HERE.

***If you want to take a frugal and sustainable approach order them HERE.

9. Nature Activity Guide – Every kid should have a nature activity guide at every age. Getting our kids out of the classroom and into the world is a beautiful and adventurous life to give. Spiral bound doesn’t get as damaged as the paperback.

10. Phonics Dominos – First, these are a lifesaver when starting to teach your kids to read. With my kids being hands-on learners they were struggling with learning to read until I got these.

11. 50 States Atlas – This one is my absolute favorite! I am currently working on my curriculum for this book. I will let you know when it’s available for purchase!

Check out my recommended curriculum HERE.

You can check out my full Amazon Homeschool list HERE.

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