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7 Curriculums for Homeschooling

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7 Curriculums For Homeschooling. I have personally used or know people who have used each of these curriculums for their school year and for a range of ages and grades. 

  1. Gather Round Homeschool – This curriculum style is a one-room schoolhouse style. This option works best for us because when you have multiple children and are homeschooling them all you are bouncing between everyone’s needs.
  1. Beautiful Feet Books – I love this curriculum because it is good for K-12 and it’s great for the busy homeschool mom. The books are beautiful and easy to follow. I use this history because keeping my kids on topic is easier. 
  1. Masterbooks – These are a faith-based curriculum I know so many homeschoolers that use this curriculum. 
  1. Abeka Academy – This curriculum is for Preschool – 12th Grade. However, this curriculum is more academic-based and is more heavy.
  1. Love at Home Education – is another one of my favorites! They have a simple and straight forward approach.
  1. The Good and The Beautiful – This curriculum is mostly all-inclusive, it’s so colorful and inviting. Plus It is faith-based. I feel that the history lessons are a bit dry and hard to keep my kids entertained. 
  1. The Ultimate Unit Study – I love that these unit studies include wholesome books that you can buy anywhere. You purchase the PDF and print them off. I highly recommend using Thriftbooks to buy any books you don’t own. 

Please let me know if you try any of these and what you think of them or if you have any other recommendations please comment below. 

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