Hey there, I’m Hannah. Wife, Homemaker, follower of Jesus, and a superhero mama!

About me

I love all things cooking, baking, crafting, and writing. I love being a mom and a wife I truly feel this is my calling in life. I am headstrong which can be considered both a strength and a weakness. I tend to take on many projects all at the same time.

Facts about me.

1. My husband and I are high school sweethearts.

2. I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and mama.

3. I have always been in love with writing.

4. I only recently found my relationship with Jesus.

5. I am a children’s book author.

6. My dream is to work daily alongside my husband and children.

How did I get here?

In 2011 I was in a car accident and part of me knew I was wasting my life here. Fast forward to 2013, I listened to all the people telling me I needed to make something of myself and needed a career. I spent 45k going to school to get my master’s in registered nurse-midwifery to not finish and “throw it all away.”

I knew from the day I left the hospital that I wanted nothing more than to be “just a mom” and “just a wife.” But for some reason that was severely frowned upon and most of my family just couldn’t fathom not having a career.

But, in 2014 my husband and I got married and he knew my secret. He knew that I was eventually going to be a stay-at-home mom and wife.

Here I am now pursuing my passion for being a wife and a mama and still have the dream of bringing him home full-time to work side by side at our own business. I am hopeful this blog will allow that for us.

I’m excited for you to join the family!

First Things First…

Are you ready to experience a life full of happiness and joy? Yes? Same here and I’m here to show you how it can be done. Join me on my adventure of real fulfillment and intentional living.

Holistic wellness takes many forms

happy and healthy is a PRIORITY!

It starts from herbs and essential oils to raw milk and eating no processed foods. Living a holistic life isn’t just a “diet” or “fad” its a lifestyle.

Ready for a change? You’re in the right place.

We need to take back our lives and add as much happiness, grace, and love as we can. That all starts with YOU! Find out what brings you joy and harness it.

Recipes, homeschooling, parenting, Faith, support, love, grace, and kindness are what you will find here. There is no “Village” anymore so let’s make our own!

Make sure you are taking time for yourself and your family. I often hear “Take time for yourselves” which is also true but there is a fine line between selfishness and needing a break.

My Top loves include:

My Family!

Being Creative in any way possible!

Family game nights & movie nights!

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