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“Chicken Math”

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“Chicken Math” My First Children’s Book.

What is Chicken Math?

It is when you add more to your flock than you originally planned.

Why does Chicken Math Happen?

Usually, Chicken Math strikes at the most inconvenient times. Such as, when a breed you have been waiting for is finally in stock and the minimum order amount is 15! Then you do the only rational thing…you order 15 more chickens than you originally planned to.


Why did I write this book?

At the time my family lived on a quarter of an acre in a small village where you were only allowed to have six chickens. But for some reason we always were quadruple the limit…it wasn’t me I swear. I just can’t say no to the kids when they ask for just ONE more chicken.


But most importantly my husband can’t…more like won’t say no to me.

Eventually, this led to me finding a passion for chickens and I shared it with my kiddos voila “Chicken Math” was born.

What is the book about?

First, it is an engaging story full of counting, colors, learning, and silliness. And I wrote the book with homeschooling kiddos in mind.

What age range would this book be for?

I think kids of all ages would love the silliness of the book however, the learning is aimed at ages 1-6 years old.

Will there be more books?

I hope so! I have more that I am working on and will update once I know more.

Chicken Math preorder is open!

If this sounds like a book for you. You can order your copy today HERE!

Check out my post about adding chickens to the homestead HERE.

I would love it if you would comment and leave a review of what you thought of the book below! The first 3 people to comment can receive a signed copy if they wish.

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