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Faith in God Changed My Life!

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How did Faith in God change my life?

What is Faith?

Faith is when you put your complete trust in God and allow Him to show you how good He is.

How can you Find Faith in God?

You can find faith by confessing your sins and praying for repentance. You can do this by confessing with your mouth (out loud) that Jesus is Lord and believing in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:5-21 will show you the exact scripture on how salvation is for all.

How did I Find Faith?

Find Faith by reading through Romans 10:5-21 and find a local recommended pastor who preaches the bible and not their version of faith or the bible.

How did Finding Faith in God Change My Life?

First God started with softening my heart. It started with having issues with multiple people and having so much conflict in my life, that it got to the point that I was having mental health issues because it was too much for me to handle. I suddenly felt the need to pray so I did. I prayed for days and then on Sunday, I felt the need to go to church so I did. My next thought was to talk to our pastor about being saved and baptized (I’m not yet but I am working on it) and how to keep moving forward in my faith.

After I felt confident that God was pushing me in the right direction I started praying for a godly heart and mind, godly friends, becoming a godly wife and mother, and to become a godly woman. I want all of those things for myself and I pray to live my life to honor God and all He and His Son sacrificed for us.

I am still working on so many of those things I have been praying for but I can tell you God answered some of my prayers already.

Prayer 1: Praying for a godly heart and mind

This prayer is being answered however this is not as simple as some of the others. Surrendering to a godly heart and mind takes practice, patience, and persistence. It is something learned and I will never be perfect at but I can continue to pray for it.

Prayer 2: Praying for godly friends.

This prayer was answered way before I knew it was. It all started when I was in fifth grade and my best friend’s parents took me to church with her. She veered away from the church and religion for a time but when I started going I invited her to see my church and she fell in love with it again.

Not only did he send an old, comfortable friend he also gave us new godly women friends who have kiddos and homeschooled along with us and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of godly women to surround myself with.

Prayer 3: Praying to be a godly wife and mother,

This prayer is one very vulnerable and close to my heart because I did not have the best relationship with my mother nor does she know the Lord. However, God knew my heart and is still answering this one. He has shown me how to be submissive and a helper to my husband and to serve my household.

He has also shown me how to be a better mother. I grew up with a yelling, indifferent kind of mother who didn’t want us around, and I knew from a very young age that I was NOT going to be that kind of mother. God has shown me that I do not have to yell to get my children’s attention or obedience. God has put it on my heart to dive into finding ways to parent my children differently than I was. This prayer will be ongoing as I learn.

Prayer 4: Praying to be a godly woman.

My prayer for becoming a godly woman is still ongoing. I have been reading my bible daily, diving into my femininity. My job is to be a homemaker, wife, and daughter of God. I know in the world now it’s hardly heard of but it’s the truth, read Proverbs 31 for context.

Where would I recommend starting?

I highly suggest getting a bible like the Inspire New Living Translation or the English Standard Version.

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