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6 Field Trips for Homeschooling!

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6 Field Trips for Homeschooling. In our house, we love to ensure that our field trips can fit into our homeschool curriculum no matter the age or grade our kiddos are in. 

  1. Zoos

    They offer a wide range of benefits for learning for all ages. There are scavenger hunts, matching, colors and even counting. Adult Lion Playing With Lion Cub

  2. Museums

    They offer hands-on and first-hand experiences. My kids learn better this way rather than just offering a textbook. Unrecognizable kid admiring modern art paintings in museum

  3. Aquariums

    They offer classes, touch and feel tanks, and sometimes aquariums have a curriculum you can print out for kids. This is a simple and memorable field trip for most kids. Also, they offer information on which types of sea life are endangered and how to volunteer to get involved!Black and Gray Fish

  4. Conservations

    They show kids how to care for animals and what it’s like to nurture and help injured or homeless creatures. Also, they offer a large number of programs for homeschooling between volunteering, donating, and getting an understanding of what conservations do. Person Holding Brown Wooden Stick With Black Liquid

  5. Wilderness

    By Learning out in the wilderness should be a requirement for graduation in public schools. Knowing how to survive could be vital without even realizing you’d need it. Getting your kids involved is as simple as taking them rustic camping or finding an organization that offers those types of learning.Boy Holding a Scout Book in Front of a Tent

  6. Farms/Orchards

    Many times kids think that food comes from the grocery store and that’s as far as their thoughts go. Let’s be honest most adults need to learn this as well. Finding out where our food comes from takes care of our body as a whole and in return keeps us healthy. It’s an important topic.Side view of Hispanic girl eating fruit while having rest with mom in garden

Please let us know if your families enjoyed any of these field trip ideas for homeschooling. 

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