Homesteaders of America
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Home is with Homesteaders of America!

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Home is with Homesteaders of America!

How did we decide that we wanted to become Homesteaders?

First, my husband sat down and talked about our homesteading future we felt like we didn’t have many people to connect with us and our thought process of what our lives should be like. So many of the people around us think we are crazy to want to live and produce a more sustainable and relaxed lifestyle. 

Did you have others support?

At first most of the time we hear things like “Why would you do that you can just get most of that from the grocery store” or “Canning is for old women.” Little did they know that I enjoyed all of this. I enjoy the fact that I can plant, produce, pick, wash, can, and have a surplus of food to share and replenish my family. Not only is it rewarding but it also saves us so much money. 

How does you value of money change?

One way I look at money now versus how I used to is – How many hours would my husband have to work to earn that much money from his job? For example: If we go to a drive-through and order some food because I don’t want to cook and the total is $55 for our family of 5 that would take my husband away from our family for over an hour of work. Is it worth it? To me, it’s not. 

With the method above I have figured out what is truly worth buying and what is important for our family. Canning, self-sustaining, producing your food, and making your own healthy and natural products all save time and money. It saves my husband time because he doesn’t have to work a ton of overtime to provide extra income for us. This leads us to begin planning. 

Where did we get more information?

While we were researching how to get started with this lifestyle we came accursed the holy grail of homesteading…A group that has all the same beliefs, thoughts, and aspirations that we hold!

Homesteaders of America I have never met a more accepting group of people than I did the year we met this group. We felt like we instantly had a family and everyone was so helpful with all the questions we had. They have so many ways to learn how to add and grow the homestead with intent. By purchasing the membership they show you past videos from other successful homesteaders and conferences. The conference they put on is in Virginia in October. It is an amazing time! 

Homesteaders of America

Signing up for the Homesteaders of America Membership allows you to gain access to information lectures and so much more! 

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