How to Homestead Today

How to Homestead Today

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How to homestead is a journey you set up to thrive.

What is homesteading?

Homesteading to our family is a means of self-sustainability to the best of our ability.

Also, we want to be back to simple, slow, and faithful living. We want to know what goes into our food, and how they are harvested and packaged.

For example, we want the ability to choose the types of crops to grow, GMO vs NON-GMO; and how they are cared for, pesticides vs pesticide-free. While also creating simple meals with our made-from-scratch food and our canned goods pantry.

Is there a right way to Homestead?

There is no wrong way to be a homesteader or to run a homestead.

The most important part of homesteading is making goals for yourself and eventually hitting those goals.

In conclusion just remember homesteading is a personal journey.

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Why don’t Homesteaders want to use a grocery store?

To sum it up we do not want to rely on a grocery store we can know what goes into our food and how it is cared for.

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What does “preserve food” mean?

In short its making foods shelf stable and long lasting.

What ways can you preserve food?

First there are multiple ways but these are the ones I have used: Presure Canning, Waterbath Canning, Freese Drying, Dehydrating, and fermenting etc.

Want to learn more?

Start out with Homesteaders of America. They have tons of free resources but if you become a member you can get access to all their past videos and informative videos on specific topics. You can find out more about Homesteaders of America HERE.

One Easy Way to Start Homesteading Today!

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