How to Homestead Today

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How to homestead is a journey you set up to thrive.

What is homesteading?

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Homesteading to our family is a means of self-sustainability and the want to be back to simple, slow, and faithful living. We want to know what goes into our food, and how they are harvested and packaged. Choose what types of crops to grow, GMO vs NON-GMO; and how they are cared for, pesticides vs pesticide-free. While also creating simple meals with our made-from-scratch food and our canned goods pantry.

What is the right way to homestead?

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There are no wrong ways to be a homesteader or to run a homestead. The most important part of homesteading is making goals for yourself and eventually hitting those goals. There are multiple ways to achieve the goals set for your homestead, each a personal journey.

Why don’t I want to rely on a grocery store?

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First and most importantly in order to know precisely what is put in my food I need to either make it myself or know the person who made it. As a mama and wife I want to make sure that the food I am giving to my family is wholesome and good for their health, the less processed and added preservatives in our food the better. When we can grow a garden, collect our own eggs, raise our own livestock for meat or even purchase it straight from a local farmer, and preserve our own food for future use I will have met almost all of our homestead goals and made relying on a grocery store a thing of the past.

What does “preserve food” mean?

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Preserving food means keeping food from spoiling and being able to make it last longer. For our family, I have the means to water bath or pressure can our food, refrigerate, dehydrate, vacuum seal, or freeze. Some people even have the means to freeze dry their foods – this is an amazing way to make foods last for such a long time and keep the flavor about the same, however, the machine is relatively expensive. We do not have a lot of freezer space because of this we tend to lean heavily on canning or foods with the water bath or pressure canner.

I want to learn more about Homesteading how can I get started?

If you are wanting to learn more about homesteading and are not sure how to get started I suggest checking out Homesteaders of America. They have tons of free resources but if you become a member you can get access to all their past videos and informative videos on specific topics. You can find out more about Homesteaders of America HERE.

One Easy Way to Start Homesteading Today!

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