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I’m Not a Bad Wife or Mama!

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I’m not a bad wife or mama! This has taken me a long time to acknowledge and believe these words. I always feel like a terrible wife and mama because I felt my worth was decided based on what my house looked like. That is not true! KC Davis says it best in her Podcast “Executive Functioning with Lesly PsyD” I listen on Spotify, but her podcast is available on multiple platforms. I recommend listening and then coming back to finish reading this. 

Struggle Care with KC Davis Podcast

Life Pre Podcast ” I’m a Bad Wife and Mama”

I want to show my admiration to KC Davis for being an incredible human! Her podcast has not only allowed me to function better as a wife and a mama, but she gave me back my self-worth! Before listening to her, I would constantly put myself down and never allow myself the time for grace or relaxation. But with her podcast, I can see myself from a new and improved perspective. I was burnt out by being a full-time stay-at-home wife and mama who homeschools her three kids and is the primary homestead caretaker. And I tried to create a home environment to satisfy what I thought I needed, and in the end, it was what outsiders (people who live outside of my home) wanted/stated a home should be or look like. It’s okay to change and adapt to a home that’s best for you and your family.

Two days before listening to her podcasts I mentally beat myself up at the end of every day with the list of items/chores I said I wanted to get done or started never checked off. I would be ready to do what I put on my list but when it actually came down to starting the task or how many steps the task required I felt overwhelmed and I couldn’t do anything to get them started. This would go on for many days until I would finally do one task and then I would work myself to the point of exhaustion to get everything done at once. This led to me being in the same situation I was just pulling myself out of.

Life Post Podcast “I’m NOT a Bad Wife or Mama!”

The day after listening to her podcast I changed so many things. 

First, I started with the laundry since I have three kids 6, 4, and 2. I would constantly be worried about folding their clothes. Instead, I just put them in separate baskets. And I don’t care if they are folded or not as long as they are in the bins.

The same thing happens with my clothes. I fold and hang up what I want as long as they’re in the designated space so I can find them. BOOM! Laundry just became ten times easier for me. It was a simple switch that made a world of difference. I never wanted to implement new habits in my home because of the fear of being judged. But who is honestly going to see my bedroom beside my husband and me??? NO ONE!!

How KC’s Podcast Helped Me

Honestly, KC’s Podcast helped me so much I can’t thank her enough.

I HIGHLY Recommend grabbing her book “How to Keep House While Drowning” HERE! 

KC’s book allowed me to have more self-confidence, Self-worth, and a better understanding of myself. I have also learned that less does not always mean more. Remember “less” is defined by the individual it is not standard-based! I hope this helps at least one person who reads my blog. 



xoxo The Messiest Organized Stay at Home Wife and Mama at The Mamasteader Homestead!

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