Stunning Sourdough Starter Eden
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Stunning Sourdough Starter

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This stunning sourdough starter’s name is Eden. She is the most resilient, diligent, consistent, and stunning sourdough starter I have seen on the market. You can find her on Sourdough Sparrow’s website.

Day 7 of Rehydrating Eden

How does the sourdough bread turn out?

When I purchased my dehydrated starter it came with lots of information and a plain loaf recipe. This is how my first few loaves turned out!

Sourdough Loaves

How does sourdough starter Eden do after being in the fridge for three weeks?

We were moving into our new house, and I had put my starter in the fridge. This was her reaction when I brought her back to life!

Stunning Sourdough Starter

Is purchasing a sourdough starter worth it?

Purchasing sourdough starter Eden from Sourdough Sparrow is worth it! This starter never fails me and thrives consistently. Check out her Shop HERE! She even offers a course and cookbook!

Here are some pictures of the recipes I made of hers.

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  1. Thank you so much for my sourdough starter!! Just made my first loaf today and it turned out beautiful! So excited to continue my sourdough journey.

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