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Who is Sow Right Seeds?

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Who is Sow Right Seeds?

Sow Right Seeds Packets on a blue table cloth
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Who is Sow Right Seeds?

They are a small company in Greenwood, Missouri. All of their marketing, packing, and shipping are done in Missouri. 

What sets them apart?

Every one of their seeds is heirloom and non-GMO, meaning that your purchase is a quality product that has not been tampered with. Their seeds are sourced sustainably, and they make sure the quality is above standard. Additionally, none of their seeds have had pesticides used on them.

What seeds do they offer?

They offer a variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs, microgreens, and cover crops. But the library of knowledge they share with the public is outstanding. They offer an abundance of information right on their website under Planters Library.

My first sow right seeds order

I placed my first order on February 29th, and it was delivered on March 5th. The delivery time is astonishing. Usually, you have to wait weeks for most orders. 

Sow Right Seeds Order
Use code MAMA10 for 10% off at checkout

My first order was small. I am still working through some of my seeds from last year. I am amazed by both how colorful and large the seed packets are. Also the amount of seeds they send is incredible.

Additonally, I am a homeschool mom who incorporates homesteading into our schooling. The seed packets alone are a huge win in my book. Overall my kids find them colorful and informative. Take a look at the back. 

Sow Right Seeds Back of Packet
Use code MAMA10 for 10% off at checkout

Lastely, the backs of the packets are educational, making them a perfect addition to our homeschool routine. My kids love to learn hands-on and each pick something new to grow each year. Having a skill like growing a garden is something that will take you far. They are excited for these!

Finally, I have found a company that cares more about quality and customers than quantity. 

I have partnered with Sow Right Seeds to bring you a discount.

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